The immensity in us

Guideposts to the light within

Béla Bartha
50 pages

ISBN: 978-3-944354-24-8


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The beauty of nature has its origin in a level of consciousness, which is in constant contact with the stillness of life.

This stillness can be found everywhere within us and around us. It is always there. It is made up of non-perceivable life force, the same as all phenomena on earth and in the universe (e.g., the flowing pure energy of life, from which matter comes into existence).

We can connect with this life force anytime, as it flows through each and every body cell. We just need to tune into stillness. It is the source of our true self.

If we open ourselves to the images and words, we experience a deep contentment.

This contentment enables us to perceive life with a new consciousness.

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